Livingston's Danny Lloyd in action on his debut against Ross County last week

According to Livingston newcomer, playing Celtic would be a memorable experience for the entire family. The Danny Lloyd family is traveling in huge numbers to Livingston for the Lions' upcoming match against Celtic. Danny Lloyd, a rookie player for Livingston, acknowledges that entering the pitch against Celtic on Saturday will be an occasion to cherish, especially for grandfather George.

The 31-year-old Scouser acknowledged that George had been his mentor in his formative years, inspiring him to pursue his dreams and acting as his chauffeur while he traveled the length and breadth of the nation.

Livingston's Danny Lloyd in action on his debut against Ross County last week
Livingston's Danny Lloyd in action on his debut against Ross County last week

After being released from Rochdale, Lloyd signed for the Lions earlier this month as a free agent. His voyage to Scotland has been exceptional, and he may get to play against Celtic. Having only became professional at the age of 25, he was still employed by Biffa a few years ago, which, he acknowledges, makes him even more grateful for the chance to work in Scottish football's top division."My grandad George is a diamond of a man," he remarked. a decent, trustworthy family man. You could never place a value on what he done for my career and me. When I was a child, Daddy drove me everywhere in the nation. 

"I want my family to enjoy all these firsts because that's what it's all about, but once I'm on the field, it will be time to report to work." I don't sure what the gaffer has in mind, but I'm hoping to play some part on the field because it will be fantastic for both them and for me.Kurtis Guthrie, a striker for the Livi, gave Lloyd the reference that got him moving up north. The two became housemates in Scotland after meeting while preparing for their coaching qualifications in the summer. Things came together for Lloyd and the club, allowing a short-term contract to be reached until January.

I got a few offers, he said, but they weren't in the correct places or financially feasible for my family for me to work full-time. I didn't give Kurtis' promise to speak with the gaffer much thought. He calls me on the phone two hours later and asks if I want to come in tomorrow. I worked out for a few days, and Monty (Cristian Montano) got hurt, which benefited me.

"He claimed he had no idea what I had been doing to be so in shape. My granddad encouraged me to participate in a variety of sports when I was younger since I've always had a solid background of fitness. I competed in cross country, 800 meters, and 1500 meters when I was in school, and I won a couple regional and city championships. Speaking with my agent, we always agreed that my sort of profile would be appropriate for the Scottish game, the speaker continued.I'm strong and in great shape. I grew up in a lowly surroundings. My family went above and beyond for me, and I am grateful for it.

"I'm quite grateful, but I've worked incredibly hard. I have a chance to play in a top league in Europe at the age of 31. I'm satisfied with how it turned out and think I did alright. I work hard every day and am grateful to play professional football.


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